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Salam 2014 and welcome to S.Y.L. Shoppe shopping blog! :)

This blog will be one of the platforms for you to do shopping various goods, from fashion up to food that helps maintain good health!

For "Info Kesihatan dan Kecantikan" column, you will find testimonials that I have gathered (real life and published) to support the goodness and miracles that the products have brought to the users and what it will bring to you and your family after using/consuming it. So, do not forget to read it through ya! <3

Enjoy and happy shopping! :)


Fiza Rubaai & sisters
S.Y.L. Shoppe  ;-)

* Jika anda berminat untuk membeli dari kami, sila sms/whatsapp terus ke nombor phone ini: 019-7355415 (fiza) @ 019-7205415 (zuraimi) . TQ mucho! <3

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